Vorsaison 2020-21 (17 Aug - 3 Okt 2020) - Dübendorf

Period:17 August-3 October / Location: Im Chreis - Dübendorf

NEW - Schutzkonzept/Safety Concept for Kunstlauf/Ice skating is here

Schutzkonzept/Safety Concept SFD Ice rink is here

After 17 August Reservations can NOT be made less then 48 Hours prior to the start of the patch session. 

Cancelation of alredy bookd patches is not possible. Each day there will be a Patchsheet at the ice rink for control purpose.

Any patch that is writen by hand on the patchsheet in the ice rink and is being entered in the system by the administrator will receive an overcharge of 3.- Sfr.

Please take note that starting with 8 June, a video camera will be installed in the ice rink, for ice use and controlling purpose only, and will be functional only during the patch times. No public streaming or any forwarding to Sommereis 2020 non-involved party will take place.

For coaches the administration fee for Patches booked online is of 8 %. For skaters, parents and other booking patches the administration fee is of 8 % or minimum of CHF 50.- per invoice and will be charged on the invoice.

Invoices are to be paid within the date mentioned on the invoice. A reminder fee of 50.- CHF applies. When invoices are not paid, skaters/coaches may be denied acces to reservations and to further use of Academy Ice. No open invoices of debts towards Skate Academy GmbH.

By reserving patches and/or entering the ice rink you agree to the general terms mentioned above and to the general terms of use for the Academy Ice.

The complete general terms of use are to be found on the Skate Academy site.